Nicole a.k.a electra

12 April 2014
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If I’m honest, I was never the fitness studio type, nor the enthusiastic sports type. But that was going to change very quickly! I started my training with Marcus using EMS, which he had recommended to me as a way of getting more stamina and toning my body after a big weight loss. I didn’t have to wait long for the results! This so-called electrical training allowed me to double my strength without my muscles getting noticeably much bigger – something which worries a lot of people: ending up looking like a bodybuilder. At the last count it was seven days of skiing – 5-6 hours each day – without any sign of tiredness in the legs or of muscular stiffness! That’s massive, when I consider that I hadn’t been doing the training for very long! Ever since the first course I did with Marcus there has been no getting me away from the Asporta Fitness studio in Aichig (formerly City Fitness). Marcus, your courses are just amazing! It doesn’t matter if it’s BodyCombat, Crossfitness or Fightclub – to name just a few. Marcus, better known as “Coachi”, always gives 200% and always gets the very best out of his people! Thanks to the EMS training and Marcus’ bombastic courses I have been transformed from a couch potato into a sports freak in hardly any time at all. I can’t imagine life without these two now!! Keep it up, Coachi!!

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