It’s been so long since I did any kind of sport. Is there any point in my having Personal Training?


Absolutely! Of course we all get older. But the natural aging process can be slowed down. Together with your Personal Trainer we will do your body a power of good. You will both see and feel the results. In addition, you can avoid possible illnesses and injuries. The important thing is that it is your training. And that is exactly what makes Personal Training so valuable.

I keep getting back pain. Should I really be doing physical training?


Once you have consulted your doctor, got a diagnosis and, if appropriate, begun therapy: Yes!

Most back pain is caused by too weak back or stomach muscles. Both of these are very important for good – and therefore pain-free – posture.

Repeated lifting of heavy objects while one’s back is bent, instead of bending the knees and lifting with a straight back, is another common cause of back pain; as is too much sitting – especially in a poor posture. Please talk to your doctor so that I can tailor a suitable, targeted training programme for you.

Can we really fit Personal Training into my already busy schedule?


Definitely! Do you have a very busy professional life and then a string of additional commitments in your free time? Excellent! – then you are already an active person. With Personal Training you choose maximum flexibility. And will become generally more easy-going and effective. Your stress levels will decrease while your motivation increases. Together we will find your best solution.

Where does Personal Training take place?


Wherever you like. In your own home, at your office, outside in the fresh air, at a lakeside, in a wood, at your favourite sports field, or, for example, if you are away from home for a meeting or an appointment, at your hotel. At the end of the day, it is always down to your own preferences and wishes.

I would like to train with a friend. Is that possible?


Possible, certainly - even desirable. Working out with a friend increases one‘s motivation and makes it easier to achieve certain targets. We just need to agree on individual goals and capacities before we begin.

How often should one train?


That is a very individual matter: 2-3 times a week is ideal; but, of course, one can do more or less. Recovery time for the body is important, as is regular, consistent training. You will notice this, for example, in the level of tension you carry in your body. As you start to feel better from the training, you will feel a sense of loss if you then break off for too long.

I suffer from osteoporosis, diabetes or high blood pressure, and I am not as young as I used to be.


Can I still do something to help myself?

Absolutely! – Now is the best time! Your doctor is an important partner here. Once you have consulted him or her and your treatment has ended we should discuss the situation together. Of course, we can also work in tandem with your treatment in order to noticeably improve your condition.

So that we get the maximum benefit, I tailor your training to

fit in with your doctor’s recommendations. That way we are always on the safe side. The best news is that your body will adjust to the greater demands of the training, leaving you with more energy and a greater sense of well-being.

I want – and need – to lose weight. But after two years of working out in the gym…


… I am seeing very little result. Why should a Personal Trainer be able to make a difference?

People often forget that losing weight involves a combination of stamina and strength training plus sustainable changes in one’s eating habits. This can really only be done with professional advice and supervision. You can guarantee getting both of these with me. And we will see the results together!

Will I have to do any tests? Are medical check-ups necessary?


A good indicator is the so-called PAPS Test (Personal

Activity and Prevention Screening Test). This will give you a very good evaluation of your personal risk factor with regard to training and it only takes a few minutes. The test is used by, amongst others, the Humboldt University in Berlin and the German Athletics Federation.

In addition, I will ask you a systematic and targeted set of questions about your health (and training) history. In principle, a medical check-up is recommended if you have not done any training for some time, if you have heart or circulatory problems, are older than 35, or, for example, if you are overweight. Please contact me for further details.

How long do I have to commit myself to the training for? Will there be a contract?


There is no written contract. I seal my business dealings with a firm handshake. This open honesty generates trust. The commitment exists until it is withdrawn by the client.

Should I do additional training to supplement my Personal Training?


This is down to your goals, motivation, and, of course, your time. In principle, it is an excellent idea to supplement your Personal Training. The important issue is that we coordinate your training. Then I can give you valuable tips to make your solo training both positive and effective.

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