Effective and efficient. You can rely on that. For this reason, our work together will always be focused and systematic, right from the start.

1. You make contact with me. I reply as quickly as possible.

2. We meet for a personal chat, focusing on your wishes and goals, and what I can offer you.

3. We meet again for a check-up, focusing on your physical starting point, your state of health and any particular restrictions you may have. From this I put together a package of specific, focused suggestions for your Personal Training.

4. Now we begin your Personal Training. At an agreed time I will come to your home or office. Or we will head out into the open air.

5. Together we follow a mutually optimised schedule, working together towards your goals (which will also change and evolve over time) – always conscious of what your body needs.

Probetraining & Studios

Trainieren, was und wo Sie wollen. Gerne können Sie einen kostenlosen Probetermin mit mir vereinbaren.
Trainieren Sie mit mir
im „Active Fitnessclub”, „Freiraum”
oder „Hotel Rheingold”

Fitness? Geschenkt!

Die Fitmacher-Gutscheine sind ein gerne genutztes Geschenk. Tun Sie Ihren Lieben etwas Gutes!