• You have maximum flexibility in your training and fitness programme. Give your health and quality of life a boost, wherever and whenever you want. I am there for you. Including weekends and bank holidays.
  • Personal Training is the perfect combination of effectiveness and efficiency, fun and professional support.
  • You will get to know your body all over again and to understand the proven necessity of regular activity and training.
  • You will benefit directly and long-term from over 20 years’ experience in the field of sports coaching, regular training and development, and qualified, competent advice and mentoring.
  • You will achieve your lasting goals: weight loss, better fitness, pain reduction or even complete relief, increased flexibility, a more conscious body awareness, deeper relaxation, improved well-being, a feeling of rejuvenation, targeted increase in strength and greater day-to-day resilience.

Probetraining & Studios

Trainieren, was und wo Sie wollen. Gerne können Sie einen kostenlosen Probetermin mit mir vereinbaren.
Trainieren Sie mit mir
im „Active Fitnessclub”, „Freiraum”
oder „Hotel Rheingold”

Fitness? Geschenkt!

Die Fitmacher-Gutscheine sind ein gerne genutztes Geschenk. Tun Sie Ihren Lieben etwas Gutes!