Training modules:

Focused muscle building and toning. Good posture and a strong, beautiful back. Improved nutrition and weight loss. More stamina and speed. A boost for your flexibility and coordination. My training programmes are tailored to your goals. And they always have a single focus: your needs. To help you fulfil these needs there is a wide-ranging, comprehensive toolkit of training methods available to you.

Together we can build your fitness.

Muscle building and toning


Bodybuilder working out

Holistic training and targeted, specific interventions: In Personal Training we strengthen your mind and body, your health – and your self-confidence.

Our work is focused very precisely on you. Your progress is both visible and tangible.

Weight reduction and nutrition coaching


man on scales

Over-eating, easy ready-meals and ever-present snacks take us right “off-course” in terms of balanced, natural nutrition. I am your compass – and will help you back to balanced, healthy nutrition.

Stamina and speed training


healthy trail running

A marathon or a couple of miles? Through the park, or just climbing the stairs again without a lot of heavy breathing? Whatever your goal, it is never too late to do something about your stamina.

Using individualised training modules I will ensure your systematic progress.

And if you‘re in a hurry, we’ll pick up the pace together.

Flexibility and co-ordination training


Trainer assisting fit woman in doing sits up

When was the last time you got hold of your shoulder blades? Or touched your toes?

Increased flexibility and coordination give you more fluid movement, reduced risk of injury – and a lot more joy in life.

Whatever capacity is inside you, I will bring it out.

Functional Training und CrossFit


trx training

These challenging training programmes impact every cell of your body, every last muscle - even those you were never aware of - and all of your senses.

Look forward to your Personal Training. And to the positive effects which will literally work their way through your whole body.

EMS Training


Young woman in Electro Muscular Stimulation EMS  costume

Muscles react to minute, targeted electrical impulses, with consequent lasting adaptation. Professional athletes, doctors, therapists and exclusive fitness studios all over the world make use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation, also known as EMS. EMS training can produce big results in a relatively short time frame.

I am the only provider of mobile EMS training in the Bayreuth area.

Body language


Körpersprache Training Bayreuth

Perfect presence in daily life, charisma follows our posture. Train concrete situations from your professional life, get feedback, and see daily improvement.

Probetraining & Studios

Trainieren, was und wo Sie wollen. Gerne können Sie einen kostenlosen Probetermin mit mir vereinbaren.
Trainieren Sie mit mir
im „Active Fitnessclub”, „Freiraum”
oder „Hotel Rheingold”

Fitness? Geschenkt!

Die Fitmacher-Gutscheine sind ein gerne genutztes Geschenk. Tun Sie Ihren Lieben etwas Gutes!