Giso Weyand

11 March 2014
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The problem is easily defined: no time, a lot of work, a deeply ingrained lazy streak. The goal is also easy to define: a good feeling about my body, to feel fit, to bounce through life rather than crawl. The path to all this: Marcus Walter. Private coaching with Marcus Walter has become an important part of my daily life – I don’t want to lose the new body feel, my fitness and the joy of sports training. Being self-employed, I need a coach who will fit in with my daily life, who will capitalise on my best achievements, downplay my lows, and who is always on the ball. This is exactly what Marcus Walter does. He is flexible, comes to the office, to my home, to the park; he works mornings, afternoons, evenings, at weekends and on Bank Holidays – and really doesn’t give you any  excuse to neglect your training. He encourages, corrects, provides variety, and sometimes turns a blind eye when necessary. An all-round good trainer for an all-round successful training method.

Probetraining & Studios

Trainieren, was und wo Sie wollen. Gerne können Sie einen kostenlosen Probetermin mit mir vereinbaren.
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im „Active Fitnessclub”, „Freiraum”
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